Catalogue No: 46986

JVC Gumy Plus Ear Bud Headphones Grape Violet HAFX5



Gumy Plus Ear Bud Headphones Grape Violet  HAFX5 by JVC

- Large 11mm neodymium driver unit that offers high power
  handling and sensitivity.

- To further enhance the listening experience, friction noise has been greatly reduced through the use of a 1.0 meter friction noise reduction cord, equipped with an iPhone-compatible plug.

- The silicon rubber air cushion sets a new standard for comfort in the ear bud category.

- The soft-touch cushion changes shape to conform to the contours of the wearer’s ear, ensuring that the ear buds fit securely and comfortably.

- The HA-FX5 meets the demands of the style-conscious music listener, all the way down to the matching colour cord.

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